What Can I Expect from a
SoulCollage® Workshop?

Join a group of like-minded participants equally eager to play, create, and share knowing that Mariabruna facilitates the group with great respect for everyone’s comfort and confidentiality. You will work and share at your own pace in a non-competitive atmosphere, guided in a personalized, lively, yet gentle manner not devoid of humor. You will feel supported while re-discovering shared human traits and you will be delighted by the diversity with which every one expresses her/himself. You will leave feeling inspired and more centered for having spent time in closer touch with your own inner self and having shared from a deep place of reverence and attention. Time will probably pass quickly because you are having fun ripping pictures out of magazines, organizing, gluing and pasting and then magically holding in your hands a finished product. Come and let the images inspire you and lead you home to your own nature.

2014 SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainings
* Workshops * Online Classes

SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainings - USA

Mariabruna Sirabella LMFT*Please note that CEUs are available for Trainings and Workshops for California LMFTs and LCSWs. Weekend workshops: 14 Units, other programs vary depending on their length. Trainings are usually at least 18 Units.

March 27-30, 2014
Bosch Bahá’í Conference & Retreat Center, Santa Cruz, CA

Learn more and register here.

May 29 - June 1, 2014
Presentation Center, Los Gatos, CA
Learn more and register here.

September 11-14, 2014 - On the Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz, CA
Learn more and register here. 

SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainings Abroad - Europe

May 1-4, 2014 Ferrara, Italy – In Italiano

Il Corso di Formazione Facilitatori di SoulCollage® č aperto a chiunque desideri offrire corsi introduttivi, corsi a tema, o lezioni individuali in SoulCollage® durante le quali, applicando questo metodo, si faciliti la scoperta del sé e l’approfondimento dell’autoconoscenza e dell’espressione creativa dell’essere. Il Corso č aperto anche a chi desidera sperimentare, a beneficio personale, un approfondimento del metodo in una situazione di gruppo. Per partecipare a questo corso non č necessaria una preparazione scolastica specifica, ne’una educazione artistica. Quello che conta č l’entusiasmo per questo processo e il desiderio di integrarlo nella propria vita personale e/o professionale. Per potersi definire “Facilitatore di SoulCollage®" e per chiamare i propri gruppi e seminari "Corsi di SoulCollage®" č necessario completare questo Corso di Formazione. Coloro che completano il Corso ricevono un certificato di partecipazione e sono autorizzati a usare il marchio di SoulCollage® nel loro lavoro individuale o di gruppo sempre nel rispetto dei "Principi di SoulCollage®". Per favore familiarizzati con queste informazioni fondamentali che sono disponibili nel PDF a fondo pagina e anche in inglese sul sito ufficiale www.soulcollage.com . Tuition is $595

May 8-11, 2014 Bornel, France – In English and French

This Training takes place near Pairs, France. For questions and to receive details in French please contact Carola Scorrano. To see the location please click here. *Please note that one day prior to the start of this Training there is a day-long experiential introductory workshop devoted to reviewing the SoulCollage® method in detail and to introducing its fundamental tenets. Attending this introductory workshop is highly recommended for those who could not attend a complete introductory workshop before the Training.
Click here for more information on the introductory workshop in France. Please return your completed registration form to: sirarte.com@gmail.com . Tuition is $595

SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainings - Canada

June 6-8, 2014 – Guelph, Canada

This Training will be held at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph, Canada. Registration will begin in February 2014 through the Sacred Wisdom Centre. Please contact Barbara Booth for more information and to register.

To learn more about the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training, click here.

See a wonderful array of videos at SoulCollage® TV

Workshops in the USA

SoulCollage® - Transforming Self and World
April 4-6, 2014 – Esalen Institue, Big Sur, CA

Imagine spending a creative weekend beginning to collage (or continuing to collage) your own deck of imaginal cards. You will browse through piles of images and find those that call to you. They could be images that represent some of the many guides, allies, and challengers active in your soul. Using these images you will collage cards that depict your personality parts, your archetypal guides, your energetic companion animals, and even some of the sentient beings that have loved, taught, and challenged you. Along with time for creating cards there will be time to gather in small groups and speak from your images. You will be surprised by the wisdom that bubbles up from your deep soul when you step imaginatively into an image and speak to a question from this new perspective. A supportive community listening as witnesses and scribing your words will help make this a memorable experience. This workshop will be adapted for both beginner and advanced students of SoulCollage®. Recommended: SoulCollage® Evolving (book) and Introduction to SoulCollage®(CD) by Seena Frost. Register and learn more here.

SoulCollage® and the New Paradigm
April 7-11, 2014 – Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA

During this workshop participants will collage personal cards, speak to questions from their card images, and discover firsthand how this creative practice reflects vital elements of the dawning paradigm. Collage itself is a metaphor for what millions of people are, right now around the world, calling into reality: a new, cosmic unity. With collage we take separated, seemingly unrelated images, and find how they fit together into a beautiful and balanced unity. The more we practice the SoulCollage® process, the more our innate creativity will unfold in all aspects of our lives. We become co-creators on many levels. Cooperation takes the place of competitiveness; feminine energy rises to balance masculine energies. We learn the value of listening to many perspectives, both internally as our many personality parts state their needs (and gripes), and externally as the needs (and gripes) of other persons and other nations are listened to and honored. These are critical pieces of the new paradigm and of this practice. SoulCollage® is deceptively simple; no special artistic talent is needed. And still it can jostle and wake up a part of the human soul which this dying paradigm has ignored or minimized: our creative core. Arising in the new paradigm must be the compassionate, heart energy of creative souls. Register and learn here.

SoulCollage® and the Archetypes: Meet the Ones who Guide You
September 21-26, 2014 – Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA

Registration opens soon: http://www.esalen.org/learn/workshops/all  

End of the Year SoulCollage® Workshop, details TBA
As usual we will conclude the year with an in-depth exploration of a specific theme using our decks and creating new cards. Date and location will be different this year. More information will be posted as soon as possible in the newsletter.

Workshops Worldwide

A Journey Back in Time
June 14-24, 2014 – Tuscany, Italy

The land, history, food and art of Italy provide an atmosphere beyond compare for the creative and transformative process of SoulCollage®. Our base for this retreat will be in Sovana – a small town in a little known corner of southwest Tuscany with a beautiful charm and spirit. This is a hidden and untainted territory rich in beauty and a historic and artistic heritage that stretches back 3,000 years. Our days will be spent traveling both inwardly through the SoulCollage® process and outwardly through time, as we explore this delightful region of Italy. Our excursions, which will give us insights into the history and culture of our surroundings will include visits to medieval hilltop villages, archeological sites, one of Italy’s best thermal hot-springs and the Maremma Hills. Our home for the retreat will be the Sovana Hotel and Resort  (www.hotelsovana.com), which sits on 5 acres of tranquil parkland and olive groves – right in the center of the small village. This ten day retreat is carefully designed to provide a nurturing blend of relaxation, transformative creative experience and cultural exploration.
To learn more please visit:
www.artandsoul.us.com or email sirarte.com@gmail.com . To register, email Laura.
Investment: $500.00 deposit required - refundable 3 months before date / Total not including airfare: $2,850 – refundable 3 months before retreat date.

The Three Faces of Silence
June 27-30, 2014 – CasaCorra, RE, Italy
In Italian and English (possibly in German as well)

During this weekend we will honor the Transpersonal Dimension and take inspiration from the three silent cards that represent it in SoulCollage®. This is not a ‘teaching workshop’, but rather a profound experience of “being with” as opposed to “doing”. In the old tradition of annual spiritual Retreats, we invite those who seek a sacred time and a rhythm conducive to the connection with Spirit to join us in this quest of Silence and renewal. Poetry, music and reflections will prepare us to an extended period of silence that can be interrupted if one so chooses, by individual consultations with Mariabruna. *The Source, the name Seena has given to the unnamable, omnipresent, infinite One, the Totality many of us perceive as divine, is described beautifully in the SoulCollage® book. So are the SoulEssence (the fragment of the Source within us), and the Witness (that unique human ability to perceive the SoulEssence as the compassionate observer of our inner development).  These cards represent an energy that is not bound by time or space: their voice being that of Silence they are not used for consultation. They can be used for contemplation and remembrance of our quintessentially infinite and divine nature. To prepare for this Retreat one might also listen to Mariabruna’s online recorded class on the Transpersonal Cards available in English. Click here to learn more and purchase this course. Beginners are welcome, no previous experience in the method is required. Tuition is 180 Euros. Room and board according to CasaCorra’s 2014 rates. Contact Mariabruna to register.

Meet the Great Forces of Nature through Creativity: An Exploration of the Qualities of the Orixas
July 1-31, 2014 – Italy

This event is an extended retreat facilitated by Mariabruna Sirabella, assisted by Mariana Argenti, and Sylvia Eichmann-Suess. The entire month of July will be dedicated to meeting the forces of nature through creativity. It is a collaborative endeavor to dive deeply into the gifts of the 16 Orixas. Participation in this unique opportunity is by invitation only. Those interested may fill up an application, to inquire please send an email to Mariabruna at: sirarte.com@gmail.com. 

Invite your Demons for Tea: A SoulCollage ® Workshop on The Personal Shadow
August 29-31, 2014 – Cabbiolo, Switzerland
In Italian and German

Join us for an in-depth small group experience to explore the Personal Shadow. Discover the light in unexpected corners of yourself and befriend the most challenging aspects of your life! Join us for this advanced SOULCOLLAGE® Workshop designed to explore Shadow with loving and clear eyes in a supportive and inspiring environment. Using your SoulCollage® deck, explore the interplay of Light and Shadow in your personality parts and in the Archetypes that inspire you. Make new cards from your discoveries, find deeper meaning and balance in your cards and share in group readings. Although the ego resists the invitation to explore Shadow, those who ventured into this journey describe it as the most rewarding and transforming work they have done with their cards. They report that it continued to simmer in their soul long after the workshop and discovered that its lasting ultimate gift is greater freedom of being and deeper peace. 

Entdecke das Licht in den entlegenen Winkeln deines Selbst und befreunde dich mit den herausfordernsten Aspekten deines Lebens! Wir laden dich ein, an diesem fortgeschrittenen SoulCollage® Workshop teilzunehmen. In unterstützender und inspirierender Umgebung erforschen wir liebevoll und mit klarem Blick unsere Schatten. Wir nutzen unsere SoulCollage® Karten und erkunden das Spiel zwischen Licht und Schatten in den uns inspirierenden Persönlichkeitsanteilen und Archetypen. Aus unseren Entdeckungen gestalten wir neue Karten und finden in den Readings tieferen Zugang zu deren Bedeutung. Details zu Unterkunft, Preis, Anmeldung und Inhalten erhältst du Anfangs März. Wir freuen uns, wenn du dir die Daten bereits reservierst!

To register in English or German please contact: Andrea Thuler.

Introduction to SoulCollage® Workshops

The following workshops are full, day long introductory experiential workshop directly preceding Facilitator Trainings. These workshops are open to everyone – even those NOT participating in the Training. However, they are highly recommended for those taking the Facilitator Training immediately following these workshops. These workshops will be dedicated to the revision of the SoulCollage® method as well as introducing the four suits and the fundamental tenets of this creative method. In these hands-on workshops, let the images you are drawn to capture your imagination and stimulate your creativity as you learn how to make your own deck of personal collage cards and discover how to give a card its own unique voice. As you create your deck of cards you will deepen your understanding of your relationship to your personality parts, your family and community, and enter the world of symbols and archetypes that weave your personal story into the larger story of humanity.

May 7, 2014 - Bornel, France – in English and French
The Facilitator Training associated with this workshop begins on the 8th. Euro 80. Click here for more information on the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training in France.

Online Introduction to SoulCollage® Workshops

  1. Do you wish you could attend a SoulCollage® workshop nearby but have found that there just aren’t any? Are you a “collager”?
  2. Do you have a stash of magazines or images but don’t know why? Are you looking for a way to combine creativity with your own spirituality and self-understanding?
  3. Are you a professional who is interested in art and self-discovery both for yourself and your clients? This is such a rewarding way to earn 4 CEUs as well.

Join us for this 2-session experiential workshop, introducing you to the wonderful process of SoulCollage®. We will play together and discover the gifts that can be found in simple magazine and calendar images, as well as family photographs and original artwork! You will learn how to make collages on matboard cards, which become your own personal decks of cards that you use for guidance and meditation. The deck grows and evolves as you do, and there is no limit to the number of cards you can make. Welcoming all the parts of ourselves is a gift you can give to your SELF. You will be guided gently through the course. You will learn that you are a part of a community of other SoulCollagers. We will share our cards and our questions, our revelations and our discoveries! You will learn about the structure of the SoulCollage® deck as developed by Seena Frost, as well as the Principles of SoulCollage®.

March 9 & 16 , 2014 -  Online – In Italian
Sundays, 10am – 12pm PST.  7pm – 9pm Italian time. Cost is $49.00 Plus $10.00 CEUs. 4 CEUS / 2-Part Course.  To learn more and register, go to http://www.soulcollage.com/online-classes-live-2014-0309-INTRO-IT-corso-di-base-introduttivo

Domenica 9 e 16 Marzo, 2014- Introduzione al SoulCollage® online.
dalle18 alle 20 ora italiana (9:00-11:00am PST/California)
Costo: $49 clicca qui per dettagli e iscrizione.

May 27 & June 3 , 2014 - Online – in English
Tuesdays, 4:30pm – 6:30pm, PST. Cost is $49.00 Plus $10.00 CEUs. 4 CEUS / 2-Part Course.
To learn more and register, go to http://soulcollage.com/online-classes/2014-0527-introduction-to-soulcollage

Dates TBD,  2014 -  Online – in Spanish
Cost is $49.00 Plus $10.00 CEUs. 4 CEUS / 2-Part Course.

Ongoing Events

Dive In and Go Deeper - Private Group Gatherings with Mariabruna
This workshop is an ongoing, privately organized event inspired by a small group of friends and students who wished to "Dive in and Go Deeper" with SoulCollage®. It covers all the basic concepts of the SoulCollage® method and includes experiential card making and personal readings. If you wish to organize a similar gathering among your connections, Mariabruna is available to facilitate this workshop online or in the Santa Cruz area for other private groups. Contact Mariabruna.

Personal Readings with Mariabruna
Personal readings are 1-1 consultations with Mariabruna that are offered year-round. They are available by appointment and may be conducted over the Internet or by the phone. To schedule a session, Contact Mariabruna.

Sponsoring an Event with Mariabruna

Contact Mariabruna to discuss your ideas, goals, scheduling, and a payment schedule based on your individual needs.

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