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The word  Sirarte came to me in a dream. It combines the first part of my last name - I was called Sira by my school friends since Kindergarten – with the Italian word for art: "arte." I woke up with the realization of how succinctly it portrayed my personal mission: to see and live life as a work of art. Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the power of experience and by the impulse to translate it into images, words and shapes, as if in doing so I could reach into its mystery and invite others to do the same. For me this is a place of enchantment and magic, where time is elastic and vibrant, the way we felt when we were children at play. The word Sirarte resonates with my desire to bring the playful innocence of childhood into our conscious adult life." Mariabruna Sirabella
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Becoming Enchanted

Mariabruna SirabellaMariabruna offers SoulCollage® workshops, consultations, psychotherapy, and other Expressive and Healing Arts services based on Yoga, Bach Flowers and shamanic traditions. A friend once asked me to offer my most heartfelt advice in just two or three words. “Celebrate Life,” I replied, realizing that I was also describing simultaneously the essence of my work, my art and my personal journey.

Sometimes this rejoicing doesn’t come easily, and we have to discover ways to help us remember our beauty within and the precious gifts that surround us. We must realize that there is a potential for learning even in the most difficult situations and in the darker aspects of our personality.

This effort to cultivate non-judgmental awareness is almost an act of creation. To create requires a mixture of spontaneity and intention. It asks us to develop skills and to use our intuition, to look within and to reach out to the world. It requires that we suspend our self-criticism and open the doors to imagination. We can choose to apply these same qualities to the way we live our lives. Our living then becomes a work of art in progress, in harmony with the laws of Nature – an act of celebration as we express who we are in everything we do.

My psychotherapy and the services I have developed are infused by my wish to inspire others to be enchanted with life, with Nature and with their own Self. Enchantment brings us aliveness, curiosity, meaning, and trust. When we are enchanted we recover balance more quickly, and we feel more pleasure. When we are enchanted, we do not kill or destroy; we are too busy and joyful to think small. We embrace our place in the Larger Story and see Beauty in ordinary things.

If you are inspired to express your creative nature, to explore the places where light and shadow yield revelation, and to find your own pathways to an enchanted, artful life, please read about my services (including EMDR and HeartMath), events and my background.

Sing for your soul because the Universe is already dancing for you.
Carlos Buby

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